The Copper Dragonfly Memorial Fund

From the early planning stages, the Costume-Con 40: Rogues, Royals, & Renegades con committee has been striving to make this a conference for all members of the costuming, cosplay, fiber arts, and wearable art community. The past few years especially have brought into the spotlight how many members of the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) community are actively and passively excluded from fandom. One of our aspirations for this conference is to reach out to BIPOC fandom communities and have them work with us as we get ready to celebrate 40 years of costuming, cosplay, and community.

One member of our committee who had always been an ardent supporter of more visibility for BIPOC costumers/cosplayers was our amazing Co-Chair, D. Jeannette Holloman. Jeannette was a founding member of the Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers’ Guild, Inc. (an educational 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to costuming and fiber arts), avid costumer whose creations graced the pages of Threads magazine and The Costume Makers’ Art, a dedicated fan who served on many a Costume-Con and other fan convention committees, and a dear friend to many of us. Sadly, right before Maryland won the bid to host to Costume-Con 40, Jeannette lost a long, hard-fought battle against breast cancer. So, in her memory and with the blessing of her husband, Ron Robinson, who is our current Vice Chair, Costume-Con 40 is establishing The Copper Dragonfly Memorial Fund. The purpose of this fund is to give financial assistance to members of the BIPOC community who wish to attend Costume-Con 40.

Resources donated to The Copper Dragonfly Memorial Fund will be used to provide:

  • Free or discounted memberships
  • Assistance with hotel costs

We have forms online at where applicants can submit their requests. We will provide as much assistance as we can. Any money remaining in the fund after Costume-Con 40 will be donated to Blerdcon, the American Breast Cancer Foundation and WETA. Jeannette’s wish would be inclusion, prevention of this disease, and education for all.

It is our hope that this fund will continue through upcoming Costume-Cons to enable inclusion in costuming fandom for BIPOC and other marginalized groups, now and into the future.

Submit your request here.