Supporting Membership


Sure! I want to help the con, but I’m not sure I can attend.

This membership rate is good through the end of the conference, 4/4/2022.

May be upgraded at any time to a full Attending membership at the prevailing rate when you upgrade. May be transferred from original member with authorization from the Membership Coordinator.

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Supporting Membership entitles you to all conference publications, including the Future Fashion Folio, plus access to any competitions for which membership is a requirement. Also entitles you to vote in Site Selection for CC43.

Membership may be transferred with authorization from the Membership Coordinator and payment of any difference to cover original membership fee.

By requesting this membership, you agree to abide by all of Costume-Con 40’s by-laws, published rules, policies, and procedures in force prior to and during the conference (April 1-4, 2022). Costume-Con 40 reserves the right to revoke this membership at any time for failure to abide by said rules, policies, and procedures.