Costume-Con 40 Quilt Contest

Costume-Con 40 is planning a Quilt contest!

Quilted wall hanging made to look like a bookcase filled with books and other objects against a natural outdoor background.

So if you are a quilter, or want to try quilting, let us see what you’re working on!

There are thousands of quilt block patterns available online that are FREE, many books and magazines about quilting, and many tutorials on how to piece blocks, assemble them into a quilt top, how to set up and baste the layers, and quilting methods. Here are some basic Guidelines for the Quilt Contest to help you get started.

  • Quilts can be any size or shape, even asymmetric.
  • Quilts must have 3 layers: top, batting, and a back. They must be quilted, i.e. have stitching that goes through all 3 layers, whether by hand, sewing machine, or long-arm quilting machine, or any combination.  Top and back tied together is not considered a quilt, but a coverlet.

We will (potentially) have categories (At this point these are not definite):

  1. Miniature: (less than 18″ x 18″ or 324 square inches). This is the ONLY category that is an exception to the “3 layers” rule; the pieced top *MAY* be framed as is (but is not required to be framed). If unframed, it must have a back and binding.
  2. Large quilt (larger than 36″ x 36″ or greater than 1296 square inches):
  3. Small quilt (small is less than 36″ x 36″ or 1296 square inch).
  4. Pieced quilt: may use a foundation to piece on, or not.
  5. Art Quilt
  6. T-shirt Quilt
  7. Wall Hanging: (should have loops or a casing in back to hang the quilt).
  8. Quilted Clothing (such as a coat, jacket, vest, petticoat, or skirt).
  9. Quilted Accessory (E.g.: Pillow, tea cozy, quilted bulletin board, sewing machine cover, quilted fabric bowl, table runner, tree skirt, etc.).


A multi-paneled quilted coat made from themed t-shirts on a display dummy.

  • Any decorative techniques can be used, including applique, 3Dfabric manipulation, soft sculpture incorporated into a quilt, embroidery (both hand and machine embroidery), fabric collage, painting, or dyeing.
  • Any fabrics may be used, but workmanship judging usually focuses on precision and neatness.
  • Please pin or sew a 3″ x 5″ tag onto the back of the quilt/item with your name and contact info such as email address so if your paperwork gets separated we can identify the quilt.


Online registration is now closed.

For more information, send email to:


Lisa Ashton, Quilt Contest Coordinator

[Photo credits: All work created and photographed by Lisa A. Ashton.]