Costume-Con 40 Doll Contest

Costume-Con 40 Doll Contest Entry Rules & Guidelines

Humans aren’t the only ones who can compete at Costume-Con!

  • ENTERING: Doll Exhibit & Contest is open to dolls of all shapes and species (they don’t have to be humanoid)!  Dolls may be purchased or made, but the doll costume worn must be your workmanship.
  • ALL COMPETITION ENTRIES must be dressed in original costumes; purchased doll clothes are not eligible. Standing dolls may not exceed 30″ and must include a stand if they cannot stand on their own (stand and headdresses are included in this size). Seated dolls may not exceed 30″ when seated. We hope to have a few extra stands to use if they are needed.
  • IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS, have difficulty meeting these criteria, or have other questions, please contact Lisa Ashton, Doll Contest Coordinator at
  • REGISTRATION AND SUBMITTING ENTRIES: Doll contest official registration will be ongoing starting Friday about 12:00 noon and will be available early Saturday morning, from about 8 to 10 am.  The exhibit will be set up Saturday morning, and we expect Judging to take place Saturday afternoon. We want to announce the awards during the break at one of the Masquerades. The entry form is below, with a link to a downloadable version that you can print in advance and bring with you, for basic contact info and name of each entry.
  • FOR A MEMBER NOT ATTENDING THE CON, the best way to enter this contest is to have someone coming bring it for you. Because of other responsibilities, I am unable to accept mail-in entries directly, although you may send it to the hotel and retrieve it once you arrive.
  • DOCUMENTATION for your entry is optional, but if you’d like to include information on your reproduction sources or design process, point out special features like wings, moving parts, bead-work or unusual details which would be noted for workmanship, please limit it to 2 pages of double-spaced text, including images. Please be certain you retain an extra copy, and that your name and the entry name is on every page.
  • FOR DOLLS “NOT IN COMPETITION”: just for exhibit, we will likely display those separately from the competition entries, but otherwise please bring it and register during the times listed.
  • AWARDS: We anticipate a BIS and Best Original/Reproduction categories, Other award categories will depend on the numbers and types of entries, but may include Historical, Ethnic, Fantasy, etc. All will be judged on workmanship and design. There may also be awards to recognize specific details or work, such as embroidery, beading, whatever the judges decide.
  • PAPER DOLLS: If you don’t sew, or even if you do! Paper dolls may be made of paper or cardboard, up to a size of 11″ x 14″. The doll and costumes need not be on the same sheet. Each paper doll is limited to four costumes; however, you may enter as many dolls (with their accompanying 4 costumes) as you wish. We’re looking for entire ensembles of apparel and accessories. Paper dolls will be judged on originality, workmanship, creativity, line design and whether the clothes will actually fit the doll in question. PLEASE DO NOT CUT OUT YOUR DOLL OR COSTUMES.
  • THE SPECIAL CATEGORY THIS YEAR is from the con theme: Royals, Rogues and Renegades. Any aspect of the theme can qualify your doll/doll costume for this category, whether it’s a pirate, a Queen or just a punk rock rogue musician.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: We expect the Official Photographer for the Con will record all the entries at some point, and we expect to submit a list of all the entries (not just those with awards) to the Archives. Your permission for photos of your entry is included in your photo waiver for the con when you register.
  • PICK-UP: I know that some of you may need to pick up your doll on Sunday afternoon, so I or someone will be there to facilitate that, and I will be there Monday morning starting by 9 am for pick-up. We may ask you about pick up when you drop your entry off.

Entry Form:

(Download a PDF of the form here.)

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