Costume-Con is committed to being an inclusive event and to provide accommodation for people with disabilities. If you need any help, see the Accessibility table next to Registration. In addition, we have stickers that will let people know you get priority seating and assistance when needed. Stickers are also available for strollers.

  • There is wheelchair/scooter parking marked with blue tape in panel rooms.
  • We ask all Attendees not to block halls and aisles.
  • We provide priority seating for persons with disabilities. Please see Accessibility in con-ops to get a sticker for the back of your badge.
  • Wheelchairs are available for those who need one. We have worked out a 10% discount for scooter rentals from Scootaround using this link:

Discount code: CosCon40

Discount code value: 10% only off of rental (not including delivery or insurances)

  • Service Animals are welcome all through Costume-Con. However, please respect that these are working animals and do not pet or distract service animals unless their owner invites you.
  • If you have ideas on how we can improve accessibility for everyone at Costume-Con, please feel free to let us know at the con, or you can email me at