Future Fashion Folio: Special Categories just added!

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Announcing two Special Categories for the Costume-Con 40 Future Fashion Folio!

First – kind of a no-brainer…


  • Special outfits for protection, 
  • Business wear for virtual meetings, 
  • Playwear for birthday parades,
  • Athleisure for when you’re never leaving the couch again!

We know you’ve already been thinking about it so why not sketch it out and submit it?


Royalty Restrictions

Sponsored by the Averys and Wrights

Historically, fabric, colors, and trims have often had restrictions to certain classes, such as royalty. Only royals could wear purple.  Ermine, sable and miniver could only be worn by nobility. No one under the rank of gentleman was allowed to wear any gold or silver ornament on his clothing. Embroidery was for earls and superiors. No commoner could wear excessively broad-toed shoes. Cloth of gold was saved for dukes and marquesses. Restrictions even went so far as to state that only unmarried women could wear their hair loose. 

So, if you were a King or Queen, what restrictions would you choose to save for royalty only? How would you wear them? And why did you choose that color, fabric or trim?

More information about the Future Fashion Folio competition