Many Updates in April!

Published by cc40bethesda on

Hi, all!

We’re still here, getting ready to participate in CC39’s virtual events and the ICG Annual Meeting the weekend after this one, and we’re catching up on content on this site, too!

If you’ve already purchased your membership, thank you! If you voted at CC37 but you haven’t upgraded yet, please contact and let us know you’re ready. You’ll receive a coupon that lets you apply your voting fee as a credit toward your membership.

Our hotel block is now open and there’s a brand new page just for the hotel. If you have any issues with reservations, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try and work out the issues for you.

There’s now more information about competitions, and we’re getting ready to release the information about the Science Fiction/Fantasy and Historical masquerades. We will host a Single Pattern opportunity for those who intended to participate at CC38, and there’s a lot more. We’re just a little under one year out from CC40 and we’re ramping up our activities. This is the perfect time to join and let us know what programming you want to see and what you might be willing to do for the con.

Watch this space for further announcements, coming soon!