Competition pages added for Fashion Folio/Show, Masks, and Quilts

Published by cc40bethesda on

In the last week or so, we’ve updated the site to include the rules for three of our competitions. You’ll find the information if you click the menu item for Competitions.

Coming soon: Science Fiction/Fantasy Masquerade, Historical Masquerade, Single Pattern Competition, Friday Night Social, Vendors Room, Exhibits, and much more.

We are also beginning to work on the Program planning process, and will post this information as soon as we have it.

We are aware that there may be issues with our membership payment system. We still accept checks (old fashioned, we know, but still). If you want to submit your membership but you don’t want to deal with an online purchase, please print the filled out membership form and mail the form with your check (payment to Costume-Con 40). Address the envelope c/o GCFCG, PO Box 40, Columbia, MD 21045. Member registration questions should go to registrar at Costume-Con40 dot org. If you voted during site selection at Costume-Con 37, make sure to note that with your membership – you may have a credit toward your membership on file already!

We’re working on the system and we very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we work out the bugs! If you have any trouble online, please send comments or questions to webguru at Costume-Con40 dot org.

Thanks very much! More soon…