Next Planning Meeting / 2020 Membership Rate Increase

Published by cc40bethesda on

Our chair, Dragan Rose, says:


So I am making an executive decision that the meeting on Saturday will be a remote meeting done thru Go To Meeting and Slack. I will set up the Go To Meeting dial-in tomorrow (to become live at 1:00pm on Sat.) and there will be a #Jan25th group on Slack. If there is anything else we need to address communication wise, please contact me ASAP.”

If you need Slack access, want to join the concom, or would like to add to our agenda, let us know!


On January 1, 2020, our full attending membership rate increased to $75. If you have a Voting or Supporting Membership credit, contact our Registrar before using the online membership system. We can save you some money if you do. Refunds cost US money, and we want to be sure you’re not paying too little or too much for your membership. If you haven’t heard from us by email, please call our Registrar, WebGuru, at 301-922-1865 (9-9, Eastern Time). Be sure to say why you’re calling when you do!)