Kid-In-Tow Membership


I will be under 8 years old on April 1, 2022, when I attend the con. I will be supervised AT ALL TIMES by my responsible adult with a full Attending Membership.

This membership rate is good through the end of the conference, 4/4/2022.

This membership is NOT transferable. You may cancel this membership at any time. Contact us at

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Kid-In-Tow Membership entitles you to attend and participate in any competitions (in advance or onsite) and activities for which membership is a requirement, as long as your responsible adult is supervising you at all times. Does NOT entitle you to a vote in Site Selection for CC43.

By requesting this membership, you agree to abide by all of Costume-Con 40’s by-laws, published rules, policies, and procedures in force prior to and during the conference (April 1-4, 2022). Costume-Con 40 reserves the right to revoke this membership at any time for failure to abide by said rules, policies, and procedures.